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Our Mission

Here at aquahow, we are all committed to providing sophisticated suggestions and encouragement to use and drink safe and clean water. Whether it is regular water issues like bad smells or hard water or removing bacterial contaminants from water, our specialists can help you in every feasible way to ensure risk-free, odor-free, and fresh, clean water. 

Our experts have in-depth knowledge to aid you in finding the correct information and use this info to buy the best water filtering products. We aim to provide practical tips to get the right products like regular water softeners or conditioners and filters for water. Also, you will find Portable water purification devices for recreational vehicles.

Our expert writers gather all the important info to provide the best authentic and reliable information. They have extensive experience in this particular field. Hence, you can trust the data, statistics, and recommendations we share here.

Our Review Process

Aquahow has enough dedication to delivering authentic and pertinent details regarding water filtering products. Before writing any product review about the water filtering equipment, our professional writers try to use them personally to figure out the pros and cons.

Then, they will write unbiased reviews to provide honest information. Before choosing the best water product for a particular category, we take experts’ recommendations and research them extensively to save your time and show the actual data.

Why Trust Us?

 Whatever aquahow do, it always aims at giving the best output. Before publishing any post on our website, we first study the product in-depth to learn from what perspective users will be benefitted from using the product.

However, not all products are affordable enough to suit our budget. In such a scenario, we follow this simple approach:

  • At first, we choose a particular category of products, such as whole-house water conditioners or whole-house water filter systems.

  • Then, we go for in-depth research by collecting data from different sources such as verified customers’ feedback, online forums, YouTube videos, and other vital fields.

  • We take practical suggestions from experienced users to make our articles more realistic. They share the best way to use the products.

  • After considering all the crucial factors, we finally pick some best products for a particular category. Generally, we choose the top 10 products in each class. But it may have a higher or lower number of products depending upon product availability and research.

  • We add pros and cons of products as well as an all-inclusive buying guide and frequently asked questions. This helps our readers to buy the best option according to their budget and specific requirements.

How Do You Select the Product?

Before choosing a particular product, we consider some important criteria. We pick it only if it meets those requirements. However, selecting an approach may change over time. Here is the current selection process we follow.

  • At aquahow, we gather all important information about top-rated water filter products from verified users.

  • Then, our specialists compare the products and choose those that are better than others. 

  • Finally, we do more studies on the selected items and test them properly.

How Do You determine Ratings?

We tag water purification products in different ways, such as “best overall,” “best premium,” “best budget-friendly,” “best pick,” etc. The score signifies our personal judgment in various aspects. Here are a few essential factors that reflect assessments of the product.

  • Set up system

  • Customers feedbacks

  • Water filtering capabilities

  • Performance and efficiency

  • Advantages and disadvantages

Testing Approach For Products

The water purification products we recommend are extensively used and tested by specialists to provide more reliable and authentic details.

If possible, we will do a comparison session among similar category products. Our main objective is to make our readers happy by picking the best water system for their homes. 

Meet Our Team

Founder & Chief Content Creator – John Roe Stephen

Hello, this is “John” but my friends often call me “Water specialist.” I don’t know why they call me by this name. But I love to spend quality time with water. Whether it is drinking water or tap water, I always go for in-depth research to find the quality of the water.

That’s why I regularly use and test various types of water purification products and give my unbiased opinion about each product I use. Before picking an item, I even go for both online and offline comprehensive studies to figure out whether it is deserved to be listed or not.

More Information

Content Creator – Mary Katherine

Hi all health-conscious people; I’m “Mary Katherine” I have been with aquahow from the very beginning. We have already come a long way by providing our readers the fact-based articles to add value to their lives.

Before joining aquahow, I have taken short-term training in several water research organizations. These organizations help improve my knowledge about water purification systems and which types of ingredients can contribute to safe water drinking and use.

 I can easily figure out which type of water filtering products can remove the presence of unsafe contaminants. Our team of experts regularly uses different water solutions from top brands. Conductivity, salinity, and TDS are the important things I consider when judging water quality.

More Information

Advertising Policy

Aquahow always aims to provide valid information to its readers. We don’t engage in any paid promotions for only publishing good images of a product. 

We continuously use and review various types of the latest water solutions for our customers. But if you want to use to write unbiased reviews about your products, you can contact us by our mail.

Our Team Is Here!

We appreciate you taking a moment to learn more about us and read our story. Each piece article that we publish on our website has inch-perfect info. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries. We are always there to help you!

Founding Location:

17224 S. Figueroa Street
California (CA)

Started Date:

2020 September

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