How do I identify my delta, Kohler, Moen faucet cartridge?

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Standard water filter manufacturers, as a rule of thumb, imprint the model number on the product box or the accompanying instruction sheet. This model number serves as a key to locate the correct faucet cartridge for your filter. Occasionally, you may also discover a sticker bearing a serial number adhered to the rear side of the product.

How do I identify my delta faucet cartridge?

Every water filter product contains a cartridge that needs replacement after its lifespan, and these cartridges are made of fixed material. 

Opening the cartridge for cleaning is not advisable as it could potentially harm the intricate internal components. Thus, when it's time to replace the faucet cartridge, it's of paramount importance to identify which cartridge will snugly fit into your water filter.

Now, this is a situation where people generally get confused. But don’t worry, the water filter manufacturer ensures that you get the correct type of faucet cartridge for your filter. 

The first thing that you need to do is identify the model number of your faucet filter. Every product is labeled with a unique model number. Once you know the model number, it becomes easy to find out what component it is using. 

The model number or serial number will be printed on the box or the manual supply with the product. Some manufacturers print the number on the product itself.

So check the bottom or the back of the filter to find the model number. If you have purchased the product online, the invoice will have the model and product serial number. 

Once you have the model number, you can easily order the faucet cartridge that supports the model in your home.

How do I identify my Kohler faucet cartridge?

Kohler products are labeled with the serial number. Every product sold through the store will have a model number. The model number will help you to find the correct faucet cartridge. Find the model number either on the packaging box, invoice, or print it on the back of the product. 

These are long series of numbers sometimes combined with letters and numbers. Once you find the model number, go to the Kohler website, see the product details page, type the model number, and get the component list that the product is made of. 

The information is arranged so that the regular users who do not understand the technicality of the product could also find it easy to read.

Check the cartridge section and not down the information when you go to the store to order. The model number will be sufficient enough to identify all the components of the product.

How do I identify my Moen faucet cartridge?

Moen faucet products are sold with the unique model number, also known as product number. Identifying the product with the model number is relatively easy, and these products are made of different components. 

The cartridge is one of the component designs for a particular product. Thus, when it comes to replacing the cartridge of the Moen faucet, you should know the actual model number of the product.

The tap will not support third-party cartridges, and it is manufactured to fit only a specific type of faucet filter. The locking mechanism of the faucet filter will not allow it to fix any other cartridge.

How do I know which Delta faucet cartridge I need?

The model number of the delta faucet will tell you what kind of faucet cartridge will fit your product. Identify the model number, and based on this number, you can quickly get the cartridge from the store. 

Purchasing a Delta faucet cartridge online proves to be a hassle-free process, especially from an eCommerce platform. A host of manufacturers peddle their replacement parts, including cartridges, on reliable online sources like Amazon and Home Depot, smoothly shipping them straight from the factory.

Put the model number in the search bar with the product name at first, and you will find the buying open on e-commerce sites such as Amazon. 

When it comes to finding the model number, it is generally printed on the faucet itself. Check the packaging box or invoice if you cannot find the sticker or any printed paper on the faucet.

If you have lost all of them, the final option is to check your shopping site’s online account from where you purchase the product. 

Generally, sites such as Amazon store each product’s invoice and provide them to the users whenever they want.

Products purchased through these eCommerce sites will give you a digital copy of the invoice where the details of the product, such as the product’s name, model number, are printed.

Finally, if you do not find the model number, carry the product with you to a nearby store and ask the storekeeping to identify the product and get the cartridge from them.

Where do I find my faucet model number?

Follow the below steps to find the faucet model number.

  • The model number is mainly printed on the packaging box.
  • Check the invoice for the product. The product description section will have the product’s name with the model number and other vital information.
  • Tags are attached to the cold water supply line. Check if the tag is still there on the faucet. Supply lines are generally fixed below the sink, bath rim, behind the bowl, or countertop.
  • Look at the model number generally arranged in the serial number, such as “P/N.”
  • In some cases, the model number will also have a combination of both letters and numbers.

Feeling uncertain about your faucet brand? Allow us to guide you in discovering it:

Every manufacture put some sign on the faucet to identify the product. These signs are engraved on the metal to keep them in good condition even after the label or the stickers are removed from the product.

If you cannot find the model number of the faucet brand at your home, check the handle and faucet stem. Counter the number of splines on the broach. 

These components are made especially for the particular type of model. When you get this information, you can easily talk to the storekeeper or the customer service person of the brand to identify the model number.

This information is registered in the product catalog at the factories. Based on this information, the manufacturer can quickly tell you what faucet model you have at home.

Where is the model number printed on the standard American faucet?

Generally, the faucet model number is placed where you cannot reach it easily. Most importantly, it should not be placed where humans could touch regularly. Therefore, the manufacturer of the faucet put the model number hidden.

For a typical American faucet, the model number is cunningly hidden inside the product to thwart unwanted tampering. Uncover this secret by removing the lid and scrutinizing the back of the tank. Close to the water level mark, you will stumble upon a number - the trusted tank's model number.

With this model number, you can identify all other components that come with the product. Whenever you need to replace any of the components, you can easily find the replacement parts in the store using the model number.

There will be no similar product of the same model number, so you will not get confused while selecting the faucet parts.

Did your faucet's model number slip your mind? No concerns, we've got you covered:

Do not worry if you forget the model number of the faucet mounted in your home. The faucet manufacturer designed the faucet with a unique identity, which makes it easy to identify the product. Every faucet comes with a series number or model number, making it easy to identify the product.

Lost the model number of your faucet and clueless about where to look? Don't sweat it. Just trail along the steps listed below, and you'll locate it in no time.

  • A simple snap of your faucet and a visit to your local hardware store can solve the mystery. Hardware store specialists, acquainted with an array of faucets and their components, can swiftly identify the product. Consequently, you'll be armed with your missing product number. Keep in mind, all fresh-out-the-box products come with their product number label or tag securely attached.
  • If that doesn’t work, contact the customer service center and tell them that you forget the model number and now need replacement of the cartridge or other parts. So you may need to know the model number for it.
  • Show them pictures and provide the information to check their product catalog and tell you the right product you own. Every manufacturer creates their product catalog for the record. This catalog contains all the information about the product and its components.
  • Check the back of the tank where the main faucet line is connected. Usually, the number is mentioned either behind the tank or the inside the tank. Pull out the lid carefully, check the back of the tank and see if it is still there.
  • If the tank's rear has remained untouched, the model number should still be sitting there. With the serial number now in your possession, you're all set to find the required replacement component at your local store.
  • People who have to purchase the faucet online could find the digital invoice on the website. Login to your account and find the purchase details. Check the invoice where it has the product description. You will find the product number in the product description section.

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